Do You Need Expert-Level Ghostwriting, Articles, and Blog Posts?

I’m your guy! Digital marketing is a passion of mine and I love helping clients to put out content that not only grow’s their businesses, but makes an impact in the lives of their readers.

SEO-driven ghostwriting, blog posts, and articles are my specialties. If you’re looking for a writer that focuses on unique content that is data-driven, look no further.

I understand that in today’s world, the highest quality websites have content that is readable and easy-to-scan.

What I Do As a Content Writer for Hire

I create blog posts, articles, and e-books that are data-driven & SEO friendly.

While most of my writing has been in the health & personal development niches, I also enjoy writing in a variety of other industries (everything from pets to technical writing!).

SEO Blog Writing

Professional long-form and short-form blog posts that were crafted by using the highest ranking websites for a particular keyword as a reference point.

SEO isn’t enough, so any type of claim or fact is double-checked and verified.

SEO Article Writing

Articles are the informative content pieces that help businesses to develop a credible reputation. A business that puts out high-quality articles will rank higher in search engines and attract the type of leads that they’re looking for.

eBook Writing

eBooks are one of the best ways to build a lasting connection with your readers and customers. By creating a fun and engaging eBook that gives readers (if applicable) step-by-step plans that can change their lives, they associate that positivity with the business.

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Jonathan Phillips and I’m a freelance writer.

I write on my own blog and enjoy writing for various clients in a variety of niches.