Are Freelance Writing Jobs Legit?

If you’re new to freelance writing and are a little skeptical, I don’t blame you. It seems like every day I get a new shiny, glossy YouTube or Google ad on the next best “money-making” opportunity. Are freelance writing jobs legit?

The answer is a resounding yes! According to data from Upwork, freelance writers often earn $30 to $40 per hour. That amount is common amongst other platforms as well.

Be Careful While Gig-hunting

Like any other method of making money online, you have to develop a “sixth sense” when it comes to accepting online writing gigs.

There are MILLIONS of legitimate companies and small business owners in the world that are looking for great writers. Digital marketing is the secret sauce that can help any business to grow. With that said, there are also wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Some scammers will ask you to create long samples to prove your abilities to them. However, they’ll only try to take advantage of you to get free content. Others are even more sinister; trying to steal your personal info during the recruitment process.

I Nearly Had My Identity Stolen While Getting “Hired”

While applying for writing jobs, I received an email that offered a position. The “manager” asked that I download telegram (a common communication app) to follow through with a text interview.

I wasn’t suspicious because I’ve secured high-paying gigs in the past without a video call interview. So, I proceeded. The manager told me how they were very impressed by my work and would love to give me a high-paying writing position + a free computer and printer to use for my work.

Heck yea! I’ll take the position!

Then, Things Got a Little Odd

Woo-hoo! I scored a great high-paying writer job. Like many jobs, they requested that I give them my SSN and other valuable information. Nothing wrong with that as many credible companies ask for that info.

Then my spidey freelancing senses kicked in, I wanted to double-check that the job was legit.

Before accepting a job online, I always double-check the company before accepting a gig. I simply check their website, make sure that the staff on the site matches who I’m communicating with, and maybe glance over at some third-party reviews.

When I researched the company, I found a website that was very poorly designed and had terrible English. Not that every company needs a perfect website, but this site looked too poor to match up with its claimed reputation.

The manager that I was talking to was not even mentioned on the website. In fact, nobody else was! No name or face for the company was on there.

I confronted the person through text and accused and told them that I didn’t trust them yet and asked for more info. The so-called “manager” got very defensive and told me that he was a good person and trustworthy; over and over again. As I suspected, scammer!

Be a Sherlock Holmes While Accepting Gigs.

Freelance writing is an incredible way to make money online. It’s a very legitimate way to make a part-time or full-time income online, but you have to carefully study the company or individual(s) behind the gig.

Also, don’t be afraid of accepting gigs. There is an abundance of legitimate gigs, but don’t be afraid to research and even question the person that is offering you a gig or job.

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